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Writing things down increases our understanding. Studies have shown that we learn and remember more clearly this way. Journaling your prayer time puts this into practice for your spiritual growth.

Track "Aha" Moments

When you journal your prayer time, you'll have more moments of revelation. Keep track of those big moments that can change your life. Our spiritual notebooks come with plenty of space for reflection, and an index where you can reference them easily.


Build a Soulful Prayer Routine

Getting started with a daily routine can be a challenge. Having a simple format to begin makes it easier. Our journal format gets the little stuff out of the way so you can focus on your time with God. 

Great For Personal Reflection or Bible Study Groups

Your journal, your way.


3 Month daily prayer journal

This daily journal is broken down into weekly sections, with one page for each day. It covers 14 weeks of spiritual growth through gratitude, empowerment, and reflection with god. 14 weeks is a little over three months, just in case you need a little extra.

Prayer journal cover


make it yours and avoid confusion

Your time with God is private unless you want to share it. So that nobody has to open your journal to see who it belongs to, it has a big space for your name right on front. This is especially helpful for bible study groups where everyone is using this notebook.

Prayer journal name space


simple but powerful

Your prayer journal has special spaces to help you get the most out of your time with God.  Daily bible verses and verse notes, gratitude, prayer requests, and empowerment prompts help you give it all to God. 

bible and coffee

Start your new prayer journey today, and don’t look back.

This journal has helped many people just like you. It’s made their prayer time so much more...amazing! It’s not the journal, of course - It’s God and the time they spend with God. But this gets everything out of the way, so they get so much more out of that time.

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