Prayer Journal Comparison

Welcome to my comparison of prayer journals. This article shows the pros and cons of five different journals I've used. I explained the features and benefits of each as well, so you can make your own choice. Although I have my favorite, personal preferences vary, and one may be better for you than for me.  

Below, you'll find more details to elaborate on the table above. As you'll see, each journal has good and bad (or not-so-good) things about it. These are based on two things - my own observations, and how I think each journal may help others.

This Women's Prayer Journal features a great place to write your name on the cover. That way nobody will have to peer inside of your private journal to see whom it belongs to. Which is great for groups where more than one person has the same journal. 

This 14-week journal includes special spaces for daily gratitude, scripture, scripture notes, empowerment through Christ, prayer requests, and more.

Prayer Journal: a 3-month spiritual guide

Oh, the beauty of the flowers on the cover πŸ™‚

The Good:

  • Gratitude and empowerment sections prompt you to remember what you're thankful for, and what you want God to help you with. These great daily reminders get me off to the best start and improve my whole day. As with the other sections, there is plenty of room to write.​
  • Remember your prayer requests using a special "Prayers for others" section. Thinking of the needs of others daily brings me closer to God, as I bring the needs of others to him.

  • Space for Bible Verse and verse notes helps me to remember what I read, take it to heart, and record what it meant to me when I read it.

  • Beautiful design inside and out makes this a journal I enjoy carrying to church, Bible study, school, and work. The matte finish cover has a great soft feel to it, and allowed me to write my name on it easily.
  • Index pages at the end make it easy to find your reflections later. You never know when you may want to refer to an epiphany you had during prayer time. The index feature makes it easy for me to reference those moments later.
  • Weekly inspirational verses get me started each Monday. The journal is designed to be used with whatever verses I'm reading, so there aren't daily verses - but the weekly ones are lovely. Each one includes a cute drawing with space for doodling or notes.

  • Concluding reflections page helps me to go back again and think about what I've learned and how I've grown with God over the past few months of prayer and scripture. 

The Not as Good:

  • Nothing I don't like. It's a high quality journal and it's not too rigid but gives a good framework for prayer time.

Prayer Journal For Women

Illustrations and Verses to Inspire Faith and Deepen Your Prayer Life

This prayer journal gives you wide open space to write. It also includes a bible verse on each cutely decorated page.


One of the most basic journals I've used, it's more like a regular lined notebook with bible verses on each page. Everyone has their own personal preference, so this may be the journal for you if that's your thing.

Prayer Journal Lined Page

I appreciate the artful pages of this one

The Good:

  • This free-flowing, unstructured prayer journal leaves it completely up to you to write as you please. Without sections, each page is a blank slate. This can be good or bad, depending on your taste.
  • Pretty drawings border each page and make this an attractive notebook for daily use

  • Daily bible verses means I can use this if I don't want to choose my own verses, which again is up to personal preference.
  • If you have big handwriting, you'll appreciate widely spaced lines. There could be more of them, and they could be wider, but you probably can't write too largely for these lines.

The Not as Good:

  • Personally, I prefer a slightly more structured prayer journal. I don't need it to be strictly regimented, but it's nice to have prompts to get me into great habits of thought and prayer.
  • Although there are no prompts, there's less space to write than with the other journals here. The lines don't fill up much of the page and they're widely spaced.

My Journal of Prayers and Answers

God Responds to My Requests | A Prayer Journal of God's Faithfulness

This prayer journal takes an interesting approach to recording prayer time. It includes space for my prayers and for God's answers, and scripture.

I included this here because I believe everyone has their own unique relationship with God, and this is a unique way to think about prayer journaling. Unlike the others, it also puts several days (5) onto each page. 

Lined prayer journal with two columns

The Good:

  • Clean layout offers space to write one quick prayer per day. I can see this being useful if you want to focus on one specific prayer request each day.
  • Each day also includes a space to record God's answer. β€‹I must say, this isn't for me, but I can see how it might be helpful for others, so I made it a positive (more on the downside below). As a positive, it could help someone who is having trouble trying to see God's work in the world.

  • Most of the page space is used for writing, which is important since each page covers five days.

The Not as Good:

  • The design is very business-like, more like a rigid business day planner than an uplifting prayer journal
  • Space for God's answers to prayers could be troublesome. We should always have our eyes open for God's work in our lives. But God's answers to our prayers often look much different from what we could dream of or expect. They may not always be what we want to see, and they may come weeks, months, or years in the future. If we're forcing ourselves to look for immediate answers, we may misinterpret things. It also feels like I'm demanding quick answers from God when I look at this column. So this is a negative for me. 
  • This is a very condensed journal, leaving minimal space for each day. It could be good for some people who just want to write a quick prayer request and be done, but I need a lot more from my prayer time, personally. I also want to encourage others to have a full, robust prayer time, and this journal won't work for that.

A Woman's Journal | Volume 1

This women's journal takes another unique approach. It includes 15 different topics of prayer, three per page. 

Those topics have a scripture on each page, and at the bottom there's a mnemonic tool for memorizing the verses.

Praying Through Scripture prayer journal

I like this cover as well

The Good:

  • This journal is helpful for those who want their journal to include scripture for each day. The verses are at the top of each page, with lines below for you to jot down notes. 
  • Works well in combination with the other journals here. I used the scripture and quick notes section ​to jumpstart my prayer time. Then I used my other journal to expand on that with more space for my thoughts.

  • Pretty cover and cute page designs make this another journal that's nice to carry in my daily routine.
  • Help with memorizing scripture has been nice to have. I wasn't originally looking for this, but having a tool that encourages me to memorize more scripture has been fun.

The Not as Good:

  • Even with "how to use this book" directions, it's kind of confusing. It says there are 6 pages for each section, and each section should be used for 1-2 weeks. So, I struggled with creating a consistent routine with this journal. I ended up using it to supplement my main journal instead.
  • The columns for notes are very narrow and are uneven. One or two words and you have to move down to the next line. Not a huge deal, but it is a tad uncomfortable writing this way.

Prayer Journal

Prayer, Reflection, Gratitude

This journal features a lovely floral cover and stylized pages.

Daily pages include an artistically printed bible verse, with spaces for "people to pray for", gratitude, "I'm praying for", and answered prayers.

In some ways it's similar to the first journal in the list, but there are some differences to note

Prayer journal

Another pretty floral cover

The Good:

  • Artful sections on each page make this a fun journal. Although space could be better used, the pages are stylish and pretty. Each section is clearly defined and has a few lines for writing notes.
  • Sections on each page help organize prayer time β€‹rather than leaving you with a blank lined page to fill. People to pray for section helps you think of others, while other sections help you think of gratitude and prayer requests for yourself.

  • Pretty cover design makes it a good journal for carrying daily. I guess I'm a sucker for flowers and floral art, because I like this cover, too πŸ™‚

The Not as Good:

  • Again, the "answered prayers" section is not for me. As I said above: Space for God's answers to prayers could be troublesome. We should always have our eyes open for God's work in our lives. But God's answers to our prayers often look much different from what we could dream of or expect. They may not always be what we want to see, and they may come weeks, months, or years in the future. If we're forcing ourselves to look for immediate answers, we may misinterpret things. It also feels like I'm demanding quick answers from God when I look at this column. So this is a negative for me. 

  • Although artful, the sections do not allow much room for writing. I found myself looking for another piece of paper to write notes on and stuff in there. It may be enough space for some people, but not for me. 
  • Lines are inconsistent, making it difficult to write clearly. One section has large double-spacing, one section has tiny single-spacing, and two sections don't have lines at all. 

*Full disclosure: "Your Journal..." is my own creation. After a long time drawing it for myself, I published it for others to benefit from as well.