Prayer For Strength #5: Strong Like..

Lord, today I pray for strength. This prayer for strength is a little different.

The heroes of The Bible leave me in awe, Lord. Today I ask you to grant me the strength to be more like some of them. 

Make me like Esther, who had the courage to risk it all to save the people of Israel.

Give me the bravery of Priscilla, who risked her life to minister the gospel.

Help me to be more like Daniel, braver than any man I know would be if dropped in a lion's den.

Give me the faith of Hannah, who never gave up on you hearing her prayer.

Or the unshakable trust of Noah, building something so great at your command. He never gave up, despite how outlandish it could have seemed without that trust - and did, to non believers.

Make me like Sarah, who left comfy and familiar security, to launch her journey with you, Lord. A journey that made her Mother of nations and kings.

I pray for strength even a fraction of these believers. Please hear my prayer, Lord.