Morning Prayer #5: Prayer For Leaders

Gracious Lord, I humbly ask you, that I may prove myself mindful of your favor and glad to do your will today. Bless me with honorable thoughts, lessons in faith, and kind manners.

Save me from anger, contempt, and confusion. Keep me from pride and arrogance and evil ways. Defend my freedom to do your will, and help me to unite others around your will, in a diverse community of believers.

Help me to trust those in authority around me, and trust that your will be done through them. It’s hard, these days. The world seems so confused, but I know you are in control.

Help our people to be moved towards obedience to you and your teachings, so that there may be justice and peace.

When positivity prevails, fill their hearts with thankfulness for your grace. Let them see your mercy, so they may come to know you and end suffering.

clouds parting for the sun, with text overlay of a prayer
woman laying in sunflower field, with text overlay of a prayer