Morning Prayer #4: Fill Me Up

Lord, this I pray this morning. Think of me as an empty vase today. Fill me up.  

Fill me up with truth, in peace. Where once there was doubt, steady me. In dark corners where there was anger, bring light and calm me. Where I am divided in thought, unite me.

Where I have been in error, direct me. In the case anything is amiss, help me to correct it.  Show me that for which I am right, and strengthen me in it. In places of weakness, exercise my spiritual muscles.Where I am in want, provide for me as you will it. Do this not for me, but for the sake of Jesus Chris in me, your son and my savior.I am an empty vessel, a ship with sails only for your winds, Lord. Fill me up and direct me on your course. Fill my sails, and propel me towards your will.

bible open on a table, with text overlay of a prayer
arched church hallway, with text overlay of a prayer