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Morning Prayer #1 – Thanks For Community
Dear Lord, thank you for bring us here to pray together.Thank you for providing us with the means to gather[...]
Prayer for Strength #1 – Guide Me
Lord, please give me the strength to make it through this situation. Please give me the wisdom to see the[...]
Prayer For Strength #2 – When I’m Afraid
When I'm afraid, Lord, I will trust in you. When I'm weak, I will call on your strength.When I'm weary,[...]
Morning Prayer #2: Thank You For Today
Today was not guaranteed to me, Lord, but you have given it anyway.You've given me another sunrise.You've given me an[...]
Prayer For Strength #3: God Has My Back
Dear Lord, Whatever happens today, whatever comes my way, whatever they may say. I know you have my back. Whatever[...]
Morning Prayer #3: May I Reflect Your Love
Dear Lord, I pray for one thing: Let me reflect your love today. Help me to be the love I[...]
Prayer For Strength #4: Strength For Others
Lord, there is so much in this world to make me ache. But still, that pales in comparison to the[...]
Morning Prayer #4: Fill Me Up
Lord, this I pray this morning. Think of me as an empty vase today. Fill me up.   Fill me[...]
Prayer For Strength #5: Strong Like..
Lord, today I pray for strength. This prayer for strength is a little different.The heroes of The Bible leave me[...]
Morning Prayer #5: Prayer For Leaders
Gracious Lord, I humbly ask you, that I may prove myself mindful of your favor and glad to do your[...]
Prayer Journal Comparison
Prayer Journal NamePriceEase of UsePage DesignCover DesignPricePrayer Journal RatingYour Prayer Journal: A 3-Month Notebook For Spiritual Growth LowEasyCheck PricePrayer Journal for[...]
Prayer For Strength #6 – Weathered
As I walk the beach, Lord, I see the weathered palm trees.All the storms they've survived, with the foundation you[...]
Prayer For Strength #7
Lord, you have given me strength when I needed it most.You have built me up when I was down. Your[...]
Prayer For Strength #8
Lord, your love is what binds this world together. With a steady hand, you shepherd us forward.Please give me the[...]
Prayer For Strength #9
Just like the snow melts, sending water down the mountainTo feed the forest and all the creatures belowYou send your[...]
Prayer For Strength #10
Lord, don't let me forget other people who are facing challengesEspecially when those trials outweigh my own For all of[...]
Prayer For Strength #11
Lord, your strength is unmatchedAs much as any man or woman can say they are strongThey are like pebbles to[...]
Prayer For Strength #12
Lord, thank you for giving me the strengthTo do what I have to do today Even though it seems too[...]

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